Monday, 28 October 2013

GTBank Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2013 - Tumiila

Tumiila By Tumisola Ladega

So in August I travelled to Nigeria, for audition of the young designer of the year awards. I initially didn't think I got in because they didn't actually contact me till really late. Then half way through the master classes I received an email asking why I wasn't there so I was like OMG. So after all that I had to make a 12 piece collection some for the catwalk and some for the exhibition (i didnt sleep for like a week) , which for me was inspired by PLAY inc. All in all it was the best experience, I got to meet so many amazing designers, models and press! Like I still cant believe my clothes were on the same runway as Tiffany Amber, Tsemaye Binitie and Jewel by Lisa, its just incredible :D
In the end I didn't win the 4 million naira but still I am so gratfull for the experience :)