Thursday, 21 February 2013

Great News

Well I have some amazing news.... I have be invited to show my latest collection at Brighton Fashion Week :D So excited!! With everything happening;  London Fashion Week and all I think this what I really needed, so right now I am working on my new collection, doing A LOT of fabric shopping and I cant wait for everyone to see it in a few months :)

Diamonds in the woods

Monday, 18 February 2013

Marios Schwab



Marios's ready-to-wear collection is just beautiful. The oxblood colour is definitely on trend and as we can see he used this to his advantage. The first picture's jacket if truly amazing, the construction and detail is amazing it really has a real edge. The second photo is'nt from his recent collection but I just love the belt on this dress, I have always wanted to add a thick belt to my designs. The fact that the dress is so plain just highlights the beauty of the belt. The off shoulder in the last picture is definitely a future trend! It enhances the collar bones and brings a sense of symmetry to the dress.
All in all I love Marios and his works of art |:)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Well this month I have be slightly depressed, because I have been offered so many opportunities yet yet I have done nothing. Early this month I was suppose to travel to New york and Dc for fashion week. Then I signed up for the LFW but wasnt chosen because I have developed my blog enough. Then a girl suggested I join a modelling agency and still I am not sure... To be honest I am sick of turning down opportunities! This my year of favor and I intend to take a massive step in my career this year. You just watch ;)

Aztec Poncho

Hey guys, although it is extremely cold in London I think the best way to brighten up your day is colours. In this country we wake up to the dull grey sky which for me put my mood straight down. Why not add to colour? :)

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My new tiger socks

For a very long time I have wanted a pair of awsome socks, a few week ago my friend bout some "weed socks" and it got me thinking. Then I saw these online and was like I must have them so yeahh :D
Do you like them? Please leave comments

Stephane Rolland

Stephane Rollands Spring 2012 collection is one of my favourite collection after Alezander McQueen. His use of strusture and technique is truely amazing. With my designs I personally like to use bold colours and patterns but to be honest after seeing these it shows that when you use block, contrasting colours it really highlights the amount of detailing in the garment its self. The colours black, white and red are so bold and beautiful and this why they make such a statement. To conclude Stephane Rolland is an amazing designer and definatly on of my favourites

Saturday, 2 February 2013

DIY top

This is one of the outfits from my lookbook:
Asos boots, Tye dye leggings and a primark t-shirt that I cropped and printed.


Dont get me started on creepers. >.< Some may say I am a hypocrite because own some and I do love them but damnn they were over worn. I remember being on Tumblr with one of my friends around 2 years ago when I saw a celebrity wearing royal blue creepers (The person looked like the girl from stooshe). And I literally said these are going to be on trend (i actually said that). Around that time the shoes were really expensive and there were no fake new look ones, so they were quite rare. Then bang! New look made there version and the shoes start spreading like wildfire. Like the Union jacks like yeah they are alright looking but I personally wouldn't wear them. To conclude I guess everybody has there own style and Creepers are going to go down in history.

Jeffrey Campbell

These are my second pair of Jeffrey Campbells. They look like litas, but have a glass wedge. Recently I have realized that girls are having obsessions with litas. I am not going to lie Jeffrey campbell litas are very nice but Jeffrey Campbell have other shoes as well which are equally nice and even better. Personally I was contemplating whether to normal litas or wedge like ones and at first i thought to my self *AHH WHAT HAVE I DONE* but then I thought *well no if i like then i like it*. Now in my school everybody is buying these "litas" and I am like why??? THERE ARE OTHER SHOES TOO! Anyways  what I am trying to say is yes trends are here for a reason but it pays to start your own trends.

Midnight aqua marine

This a dress from my last collection called 'Midnight Aqua Marine'. I showed this collection at the FDC in London and FDE in Miami. Although I have many more outfits I chose this one to put up first because I particularly love the structure in the jacket.  When I was making this jacket on my mannequin it was looking really good, till I took it off and it turned out the jackets waist line was right under my chest. O.o. To my surprise the mannequin had an extremely short torso. NEVER AGAIN. My advice it to measure your body before you cut out your material.

Black, White and Moschino

Wow okay so this is my first post on my blog so this is interesting, but yeah. This is an outfit that  I have thought about for a long time as I have always loved monochrome fashion. Here I am wearing a pair of geometric print leggings (which are really loud) with a simple black jumper, gold moschino belt to add that bit of colour and a black bolwer hat. Personally I don't really wear make up but for this outfit I really wanted dark lipstick because it makes it look that much more bold.