Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2016

Hey guys its been a while, I been so focused on trying to get into University I have been neglecting all my social media pages :/ But I have gotten into a recent obsession with Fashion weeks: London, New York and Milan. But today I going talk a little about the recent Marc Jacobs show in New york.

So I personally loved this show! I am a huge fan of statement fashion and abstract designs so this was defiantly an interesting show for me. I think this season there has been a strong trend of biker leather jacket and tweed blazers mixed with BIG fur. When I say big fur I mean oversized shoulders and the most amazing coats. Many say the Marc Jacobs show was reminiscent of the previous Saint Laurent designs with the romantic dresses, and the large collars which might be a bad thing, but I believe that its okay for designers to recreate past trends to modern day standards. All in all I though the show was well thought out the broad white floor and circular stage. And lets not forget the suprise guest Lady Gaga who walk against the models in the show. My favourite piece would have to be the finally cape, LORD it was beautiful the checked pattern, the cut and the way it flowed across the floor, it was defiantly a great way to end a great show.