Monday, 23 November 2015

Grey Marl Dress

This outfit wasn't anything really special, just a midi dress with matching heels, personally I hate midi dress, not on other people just on myself because I don't like how they particularly look on me, but I think I actually really liked the outcome of this outfit. I think if you looking for a effortless date outfit a simple body fitting dress (not too flashy) with plain colour matching heels would do the trick, because no one wants to look like they tried too hard, but you still look good.

God Bless 
John 2;11
What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.

Saturday, 14 November 2015


I thought I would do a quick post on my new faves, I mean who said you cant wear shades in the winter like the sky is blinding white over here in the UK. But anyways forget those hyped up Dior shades because these mui mui shade are everything right now. The edge and unusual shape is amazing, its one of those things that you need to be confidence in your style to rock and your face, like I couldn't wear these if my eyebrows weren't done lol. In addition are these buff Tom Ford cat eye shades, I just love the colour and gold rim around the glass and in the middle it really gives it this 90's high fashion feel. I cant wait to style these, so keep updated!

God Bless
Philipians 2:3
Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,

Monday, 9 November 2015

My Experience at HM Balmain Oxford Street East

So from my last post you probably gathered that I went to the HM Balmain collaboration on the 5th of November. Actually correction *4th of November, Yes, I was one of the few people that travelled to Oxford Street the day before and waited over night for the release. I arrived at 9pm in the night thinking that my two friends and I would be the only ones there, the only ones crazy enough to wait 12 hours to go shopping, but I was so wrong. When we first got to Oxford street we went to the main H&M opposite the underground station and we were shocked to see the line had already began trailing around the block, we immediately got in line and I counted that we were the 71st to 73rd people in the line, which was disappointing and not good enough. So I persuaded my friend to follow me to Oxford street east to check how the queue was down there. I will be honest it is sooooo much better to go Oxford street east, I mean the blogs weren't lying when they said it was way less busy, I talking us moving from number 70 to being in the top 20! It was amazing and really a testimony. However on the down side they do not stock the full collection so its important to check if they have the items you want, which we did and so we decided to stay there.

It was such a long night! At first it wasn't to bad time was going past and it wasn't that cold (but I was wearing leggings, jeans, a tshirt, three jumpers, a coat and a cape with my uggs, two pairs of socks and a beanie) so I was pretty warm lol. It wasn't till 3am that it started getting bitterly cold and it rained and we didn't even have an umbrella. There were a couple of fights and complications because people were trying to jump the queue and frankly I didn't get any sleep, so I was pretty much screwed cause I had a full day of lesson the same day. But skipping straight to the finally hour, due people jumping the queue I went from 18th place to 24th which meant I was in the second group to get into the store because they had a group system (20 people at a time). But again by Gods grace I made it into the first group, because I was able to make friends with the people in the queue and they let me go forward which was amazing. So initially I was happy till I realised I would be the last of the first lot to get into the store which really is worse because everyone would have gotten the stuff before me and they stated that they don't restock. Im talking FOUR COATS one in each size, so any of those 19 people could gotten everything.

But its ALL A LIE, the stocks where amazing the moment they run out of a item they ran to the stock room and brought the exact item you wished for, I was able to get everything I want plus a couple of stuff for my friends and truly it was worth it. Just the feeling of achievement and satisfaction was enough for me. Would I do it again? NO, unless I loved the designer as much as Balmain.
So everything worked out well, except from the fact that I grabbed my self size 4 heels even though I'm a size 6....What can I say I was under pressure I had 10 minutes to shop an amazing collection.

But we Thank God! 


Tuesday, 3 November 2015

H&M Balmain - Eight Must Haves!

So basically most of you know that the H&M Balmain collaboration is only a matter of days away and I'm super excited! So I have decided to narrow down my top must have from the collection.

1. The pearl embellished blazer
If you don't know the collection I am sure you've seen that magnificent blazer around on social media. Its a classic open chest retro shoulder style blazer. It is monochrome which means it can be worn with one million an one things which is amazing and even Olivier said that it was his favourite piece from the entire collection.

2. The black and gold sandals
Oh my God dont get my started with these, just simply looking at them should justify the purchase I mean they bring the fierce to sandal heels (not trying to be cheesy) but for real they have robe detailing which is classic Balmain and gold ring embellishment that bring that luxury feeling. 

3. Black and Gold embellished dress.

This is so classic balmain, the embossed detail, gold hemming and quilted diamond pattern will scream Balmain where ever you go!
I personally think this is my favourite dress of the collection because I like dark things like you can never go wrong with black.

However I do think it would incomplete with out one of the signature belts to really give that small waist hour glass illusion. Which bring me onto the next must have.
4. Gold and Silver metal belt.
Most people say gold and silver don't go together but Olivier just knocked that rule, I mean it goes to say in the right design they really compliment each other.

I think the best things about these belts is the wearable flexibilty, like you can wear with blazers, dresses of any colour or pattern to stand out. You could even go for a minimal palette and wear a basic dress and use this belt as a statement piece.

5. Waistcoat with satin lapels
I love the simplicity of this blazer, you could dress up with a dress, skirt or matching sorts with a pair of heeled sandals of boats. Or you could dress it down with casual trousers with a shirt, the diversity is real!
6. Green Sequin Dress
I think this is probably the most affordable dress in the collection, and I would defiantly say its a good buy. The fit and neck cut is to die for and the sequin detail is just beautiful, from the images I would assume that the pattern is generated by different shades of green and different directions of the sequin placement. Personally it wouldn't suit my body type but I would say if you have a smaller bust you should go for it!

7. Thigh high black boot
Okay so these boots I think would suit anyone, tall or short. They are slick, black and sexy and would give any outfit character. They also have the Louboutin classic red sole, which you probably can see in this picture. In terms of the shoes I would say they are so worth it, however if your looking for something that screams Balmain then you better of buying the sandal heels.

8. Green Fur Coat
 This coat is defiantly one of my favourite pieces from the entire collection. The colour of the fur is just amazing, when I say I have been looking for the perfect coloured fur coat since last winter I am not joking, and something told me to wait to this season and God just blessed me with this beauty. It dark so it can be diversely worn and it comes with a detachable belt which again make the style varies according to the outfit.

Well I'm done, those are my top favourite pieces from the collection. I am so ready for this release and if you know me I will camp outside to make sure I am the first in that shop. I mean people are homeless everyday, so what one night? But on a serious not be sure to catch me at the release on Oxford Street on the 5th of November (at the front of the queue). 

God Bless and happy shopping :)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Wanging about

On the 10th of September I went to Westfield stratford city with my friend to buy some materials for my latest collection which I am actually showing at Vancouver Fashion Week next week. This is a really layed back outfit, just your standard oversized top and ripped jeans. I was also spouting my jordan future trainers in black that I bought from my recent trip to America. The reason I called the post wanting about was because I was wearing two things from the h&m collection, being the coat and hat. However I don't actually have stats of the top because I bought it from a one of store in Miami.

Hat and Coat - WangxH&M , Trousers - Topshop, Shoes - Jordans, Glasses - Forever21

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Haiti 1

These are a couple of picture I took when I went to Haiti on the Royal Caribbean cruise. It was so hot I had to hold ice to keep cool lool which sounds pretty weird.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Backstage AFWL

These are some pictures we got just before the show of the models and line up. Suprisingly this year backstage really wasn't hectic at all but I think that's because the overall show was really organised and prepared. As you can see this is a mixture of two collections, one being Tumiila for play which was shown at GTB Lagos fashion week and the other being my current collection simple vs complicated which are all the black and white garment all made by me

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Pure Tumiila

This is the outfit I wore for Africa Fashion Week, I decided that I wanted to keep it nice and simple so I picked the white top and shorts from the Tumiila for play collection. Which actually went really well with the colour of my new hair which is actually a rose gold/silver colour. I then paired it with some tan sandals from New Look which I would say resemble a dark skin nude which added to the natural light palette.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Jimmy Choo

On the 23rd of June I was honoured to receive the Bursary prize from Professor Jimmy Choo himself. This was granted for outstanding commitment and achievement in my studies (Fashion) in such a short space of time. Some of you know know I moved to at Arts specialist school in January this year to complete my Alevels, which was 4months behind the rest of my class mates as they all entered in September. However with the glory of God despite all the negative talk about the difficulty to catch up and achieve the grades my peers had got due to late timing. I was able not only catch up but SUBPASS the majority of people in my class producing work on a level that they could even comprehend, it really its just grace and thank God for blessing me with the ideas and devotion that won me this prize.

Also due to this achievement I have been given a place to showcase some of my stuff at the AFLW 2015 which is literally a testimony, because the last time I showed their was in 2013 in which I opened the show. Then ever since I said I wanted to show gain but due to education and other matters i was too busy. Then this year came and i wanted to show but I missed the deadline which really upset because it meant i would have to wait till 2016. But this came up so y'all should expect to see me there between the 7th and 8th of August.

Lastly I have had a lot of questions from the press asking what I will be spending the £500 on, and really I do not know yet but I am traveling to Paris in the Fall for fashion show during Fashion so maybe there, then I have changed my plans from going to New york in September till next year so we'll just have to see.

ps. don't mind my face I wasn't expecting an award so I didn't bother wearing make up lol.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tumisola Ladega is Back!

I have finally finished school and I am back for a summer full of fashion and fun. Its defiantly going to be a busy one as I expect to do a a lot more style blogging, working on a new collection and hopefully an internship abroad. But anyways the return has come and I'm so excited. Also this is a photo shoot I had on the last day of school, the make up was by me and the photos were taken by Tofunmi Ladega. In these shoot I am modelling a chain wear neckpiece I created from my mono chain collection. Email for any orders or questions :