Monday, 9 November 2015

My Experience at HM Balmain Oxford Street East

So from my last post you probably gathered that I went to the HM Balmain collaboration on the 5th of November. Actually correction *4th of November, Yes, I was one of the few people that travelled to Oxford Street the day before and waited over night for the release. I arrived at 9pm in the night thinking that my two friends and I would be the only ones there, the only ones crazy enough to wait 12 hours to go shopping, but I was so wrong. When we first got to Oxford street we went to the main H&M opposite the underground station and we were shocked to see the line had already began trailing around the block, we immediately got in line and I counted that we were the 71st to 73rd people in the line, which was disappointing and not good enough. So I persuaded my friend to follow me to Oxford street east to check how the queue was down there. I will be honest it is sooooo much better to go Oxford street east, I mean the blogs weren't lying when they said it was way less busy, I talking us moving from number 70 to being in the top 20! It was amazing and really a testimony. However on the down side they do not stock the full collection so its important to check if they have the items you want, which we did and so we decided to stay there.

It was such a long night! At first it wasn't to bad time was going past and it wasn't that cold (but I was wearing leggings, jeans, a tshirt, three jumpers, a coat and a cape with my uggs, two pairs of socks and a beanie) so I was pretty warm lol. It wasn't till 3am that it started getting bitterly cold and it rained and we didn't even have an umbrella. There were a couple of fights and complications because people were trying to jump the queue and frankly I didn't get any sleep, so I was pretty much screwed cause I had a full day of lesson the same day. But skipping straight to the finally hour, due people jumping the queue I went from 18th place to 24th which meant I was in the second group to get into the store because they had a group system (20 people at a time). But again by Gods grace I made it into the first group, because I was able to make friends with the people in the queue and they let me go forward which was amazing. So initially I was happy till I realised I would be the last of the first lot to get into the store which really is worse because everyone would have gotten the stuff before me and they stated that they don't restock. Im talking FOUR COATS one in each size, so any of those 19 people could gotten everything.

But its ALL A LIE, the stocks where amazing the moment they run out of a item they ran to the stock room and brought the exact item you wished for, I was able to get everything I want plus a couple of stuff for my friends and truly it was worth it. Just the feeling of achievement and satisfaction was enough for me. Would I do it again? NO, unless I loved the designer as much as Balmain.
So everything worked out well, except from the fact that I grabbed my self size 4 heels even though I'm a size 6....What can I say I was under pressure I had 10 minutes to shop an amazing collection.

But we Thank God! 


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