Tuesday, 3 November 2015

H&M Balmain - Eight Must Haves!

So basically most of you know that the H&M Balmain collaboration is only a matter of days away and I'm super excited! So I have decided to narrow down my top must have from the collection.

1. The pearl embellished blazer
If you don't know the collection I am sure you've seen that magnificent blazer around on social media. Its a classic open chest retro shoulder style blazer. It is monochrome which means it can be worn with one million an one things which is amazing and even Olivier said that it was his favourite piece from the entire collection.

2. The black and gold sandals
Oh my God dont get my started with these, just simply looking at them should justify the purchase I mean they bring the fierce to sandal heels (not trying to be cheesy) but for real they have robe detailing which is classic Balmain and gold ring embellishment that bring that luxury feeling. 

3. Black and Gold embellished dress.

This is so classic balmain, the embossed detail, gold hemming and quilted diamond pattern will scream Balmain where ever you go!
I personally think this is my favourite dress of the collection because I like dark things like you can never go wrong with black.

However I do think it would incomplete with out one of the signature belts to really give that small waist hour glass illusion. Which bring me onto the next must have.
4. Gold and Silver metal belt.
Most people say gold and silver don't go together but Olivier just knocked that rule, I mean it goes to say in the right design they really compliment each other.

I think the best things about these belts is the wearable flexibilty, like you can wear with blazers, dresses of any colour or pattern to stand out. You could even go for a minimal palette and wear a basic dress and use this belt as a statement piece.

5. Waistcoat with satin lapels
I love the simplicity of this blazer, you could dress up with a dress, skirt or matching sorts with a pair of heeled sandals of boats. Or you could dress it down with casual trousers with a shirt, the diversity is real!
6. Green Sequin Dress
I think this is probably the most affordable dress in the collection, and I would defiantly say its a good buy. The fit and neck cut is to die for and the sequin detail is just beautiful, from the images I would assume that the pattern is generated by different shades of green and different directions of the sequin placement. Personally it wouldn't suit my body type but I would say if you have a smaller bust you should go for it!

7. Thigh high black boot
Okay so these boots I think would suit anyone, tall or short. They are slick, black and sexy and would give any outfit character. They also have the Louboutin classic red sole, which you probably can see in this picture. In terms of the shoes I would say they are so worth it, however if your looking for something that screams Balmain then you better of buying the sandal heels.

8. Green Fur Coat
 This coat is defiantly one of my favourite pieces from the entire collection. The colour of the fur is just amazing, when I say I have been looking for the perfect coloured fur coat since last winter I am not joking, and something told me to wait to this season and God just blessed me with this beauty. It dark so it can be diversely worn and it comes with a detachable belt which again make the style varies according to the outfit.

Well I'm done, those are my top favourite pieces from the collection. I am so ready for this release and if you know me I will camp outside to make sure I am the first in that shop. I mean people are homeless everyday, so what one night? But on a serious not be sure to catch me at the release on Oxford Street on the 5th of November (at the front of the queue). 

God Bless and happy shopping :)

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